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Villanova Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Jay Wright, speaks with The Players’ Tribune about the power of play and his experience visiting the PeacePlayers Middle East program.

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PeacePlayers Global Network Inspires Change in Youth Leader, Promise

Bridging Divides. Developing Leaders. Changing Perceptions.

Aidan Hinchcliffe

My experience training and helping coach for PeacePlayers Northern Ireland has taught me not only how to live life without being prejudiced towards those different to me, but how to deal with hardships of everyday life and in the future. I have learned how changing others’ perceptions can be very challenging, but seeing the outcome of young people from previously conflicting communities and backgrounds playing together and making friendships I know can last a lifetime, is incredible.  PeacePlayers has helped me deal with my anxiety. Whenever I’m there I know that I can be myself, and that everyone is behind me and wants to help me. It’s a really positive environment.

Nasiphi Khafu

I was raised by my grandparents on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and when I moved to Durban I had confidence issues.  When I got involved with PeacePlayers, I got to meet other people I would not have met and I made friends.  The experience was more than just a game.  Sport is not just competition. You can change people’s lives, even your own, through sport. PeacePlayers has done that for me; it has given me so many opportunities. PeacePlayers has made things that seemed impossible, possible.

Cetin Pirlanta

When I was younger, I remember going to tournaments and camps and being shy, being with boys from different sides of the island who I didn’t know. We had different cultures, different languages and different religions. But I learned these shouldn’t be obstacles to getting to know someone.  Through PeacePlayers, I even met my best friend.  We learned how to trust others and rely on each other through playing basketball together. Because of my time with PeacePlayers, I have hope that we can build bridges between the North and the South and make peace.

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