Adriana Kasapi Shares Her Journey to PPI-Cyprus

Today’s blog is written by PPI-CY Leadership Development Program (LDP)  participant Adriana Kasapi. Adriana recently attended the PPI-CY Summer camp, where she met other LDP participants from around the world through Erasmus+. Her blog shares her experience at camp, and what makes being a part of PeacePlayers so special!


Hey everyone! I’m Andriana Kasapi and I live in Larnaca, a seaside town in Cyprus. I’m 16 years old and I’ve been a proud PeacePlayer for almost five years now. My journey with PPI started at the age of 11, when my basketball coach suggested I start training with PPI-CY. As he was my first mentor in basketball, his advice was always to my benefit, so my journey with PeacePlayers had begun. At the very beginning I didn’t know much about PPI, but once I started getting involved and gained an understanding of the organisation’s purpose, I was very enthusiastic and excited that I belonged to this program. That year, I attended my first summer camp in Agros.  A few weeks later I had the opportunity to attend an Leadership  Development Program (LDP)  weekend in the north (Turkish) side of the island, Kantara. I was so keen on seeing the friends I had made at the camp and to spend a few days with all these empowering people. By the end of that weekend I realized PPI would be a big and important part of my life. The workshops and sessions we did really opened my eyes, even though I was still 12 years old. Being in the LDP not only helped to become a better leader on the court but also out of it. Building up my confidence, my communication, goal setting skills, teamwork and respect during camps, The LDP retreats, twinnings, tournaments and even some practices have all had a great impact on me; but the greatest skill PeacePlayers taught me was to see a person as a person.

     This year’s summer camp, I can say, was the best so far. I really enjoyed learning about the other sites cultures and the various conflicts which exist in their communities.What I enjoyed the most was hearing stories from all the now friends that I met. It was so touching listening and empathising all those stories and understanding more how life is in other countries who suffered from conflict.

PeacePlayers has allowed me to meet so many amazing people from around the world!

My goal this camp was to build up my confidence and communication skills. The Laureus sessions, with Coach Nasiphi, helped us set goals, identify the barriers which we could encounter and figure out how to overcome them. The most emotional and impacting part of the camp was listening to the stories of  PPI members who have found a purpose in their life due to the motivation and encouragement of PeacePlayers. I am inspired by all the PPI participants, leaders and coaches I meet every year. I’m so looking forward to future LDP exchange programs and I’m thankful to PPI for offering us these huge opportunities!

rvigorenAdriana Kasapi Shares Her Journey to PPI-Cyprus

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