Camp Beta Celebration …A Night to Remember!

This week’s blog was written by PPI-NI Operations Leader, Debbie Byrne & Senior Champions4Peace participant & Sessional Coach, Hannah Byrne.

Last night, 25th January 2017, the PeacePlayers International Northern Ireland (PPI-NI) Camp Beta Celebration took place at the Parliament Buildings at Stormont. It was a wonderful night to celebrate the success of our Together Building a United Community (TBUC) sponsored summer camp (Camp Beta).  It was also a very significant night for another reason.  From midnight, last night, our government in Northern Ireland (NI) has been dissolved.  Essentially, our assembly has been shut down and a new call for elections has been set by the Secretary of State for NI, James Brokenshire, for the 2nd march.  In light of this and inspite of these developments, our Chairman Trevor Ringland, emphasized the importance of our work.  He spoke of the fact that people from around the world are looking to Northern Ireland for inspiration, and leadership and encouraged our young people to keep building friendships.

PPIChairman, Trevor Ringland sharing some thoughts with us all last night.

Junior Ministers Megan Fearon and Alastair Ross from the NI Executive Office congratulated the young people for their input and leadership. Minster Ross quoted Michael Jordan who said, “Some people want it to happen , some wish it would happen, others make it happen”  He said that PeacePlayers is making it happen!




Here is Hannah Byrne’s perspective on the celebration. Hannah is a member of the Champion’s for Peace Programme at PPI-NI and is also a sessional coach:

Last night PPI-NI had a celebration in Stormont’s Great Hall. The event was to celebrate the success of our summer camp that happened last August.  The TBUC Summer Camps funded our camp, along with many others. The exciting part of our camp was the monitoring and evaluation element to it. Each of the groups were involved in M and E workshops over the 4 days where they learned the basics of what it meant.  The senior leaders put together their very own youth led evaluation under the guidance and help of  Laura Agnew from the PPI-NI office and Julie Younes from our central office in Washington DC. This project is still ongoing and has been a great success. The skills we as young leaders have gained through delivering this youth led evaluation has been invaluable. Four of the Senior Leaders from the camp got up to speak at the event last night and talk about their experiences of M and E. They did a great job! Overall this was a really amazing night that celebrated both the young peoples’ achievements and also the hard work of all the office staff and coaches who helped us throughout the camp. 

Our Junior Minsters, our Chairman and Senior Leaders pose for the camera!

A wonderful night at Stomont for everyone!

Thanks to the Executive Office for sponsoring this event, to all at Stormont who helped put the night together and to the PPI-NI staff who made this event happen!

nornironCamp Beta Celebration …A Night to Remember!

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