Middle East

Jerusalem April 2019

Catching up with Chad Ford: From ESPN to “Dangerous Love”

This blog post was written by PeacePlayers’ Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Mandy Murphy. ________________________________ “Aloha!”, you can almost feel the gentle waves of the Pacific Ocean and the warmth of sunshine as you listen to the soothing voice of Chad Ford welcome listeners on the podcast for his new book that he has been

Welcoming Neta Patrick as Managing Director of PeacePlayers Middle East

As the coronavirus pandemic swept the globe in March, quietly behind the scenes, we also welcomed Neta Patrick as our new Managing Director of PeacePlayers Middle East. We wanted to take a moment and welcome Neta to PeacePlayers and also tell you a bit more about her. Neta is an Israeli human rights lawyer with

PeacePlayers Jerusalem All-Stars basketball team with Chamique Holdsclaw

Game On!

In case you missed it on our social media platforms yesterday, read this powerful blog post about our programs in the Middle East, published on The Times of Israel by Nancy Strichman. Dr. Strichman teaches graduate courses in evaluation and strategic thinking at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has a masters degree in International