Northern Ireland

Youth peace talks in Jordan – Nicole’s experience

Today’s story comes from Nicole Breslin, a sessional coach with PeacePlayers – Northern Ireland for 5 years. I was recently given the opportunity to present at the inaugural Amman Peace Talks with the theme “Peace building: up close and personal”.  The event was hosted by Generations for Peace (GFP) in Amman, Jordan, a leading global

PeacePlayers – NI welcomes Jess with joy!

I cannot believe that I arrived over 4 weeks ago!  I feel like I returned to the Emerald Isle in a dead sprint, but I would not have had it any other way. When I arrived to Europa Bus Station at 8am, I was directly sent to North Belfast to partake in the second half

Using Sport for Peace Development in Northern Ireland!

Here in Belfast and Northern Ireland, PeacePlayers has been using basketball – and some of the other more well known sports here in N.I. – to help bridge the long existing divides, develop the next generation of leaders and change many of the long held views and perceptions people have of those from the ‘other


Earlier this year the Irish Government announced that it would be supporting the 20×20 movement.  The premise of this movement is that “if she can’t she it, she can’t be it”.  With that in mind, the 20×20 movement’s aim is to increase media coverage of women’s sport, increase female participation in sport, refereeing, coaching or … Continue reading #ShowYourStripes

What are B.I.G. Camps?

This week’s blog is written by PPI-NI international fellow, Leif Frymire. Whether you’re from Northern Ireland, the U.S. of A., or any of our other international sites; there’s one thing you come to understand about the PeacePlayers – Northern Ireland site, we love our acronyms here!  There’s C4P, CDP, BIL, BIL+, BDP, and BIG.  While … Continue reading What are B.I.G. Camps?

The Road to Peace

This weeks post is brought to you by PP-NI International Fellow, Leif Frymire.  It was approximately 11.30pm Monday night.  We had left the airport 15 minutes earlier.  In the group chat with all the coaches and coordinators they were taking bets on when we would arrive to the hotel.  At that same moment our van … Continue reading The Road to Peace

Summer Jam is Coming!

This weeks blog is brought to you by PP-NI’s operations team leader, Debbie Byrne!  Every Christmas there is an advert in Northern Ireland for Coca Cola. It is a song with the words, “holidays are coming, and holidays are coming….”.  The Coca Cola truck is driving along with the snow in the background.  The song … Continue reading Summer Jam is Coming!

Preparing for DePauw

This week’s blog is brought to you by PPI-NI international fellow, Jazz Bishop!  In a few short weeks DePauw University will be back in Belfast for their annual exchange.  For the past 5 years Coach Fenlon and his wife Gigi have brought a group of DePauw University students to Belfast to experience PeacePlayers first hand. … Continue reading Preparing for DePauw