Youth peace talks in Jordan – Nicole’s experience

Today’s story comes from Nicole Breslin, a sessional coach with PeacePlayers – Northern Ireland for 5 years. I was recently given the opportunity to present at the inaugural Amman Peace Talks with the theme “Peace building: up close and personal”.  The event was hosted by Generations for Peace (GFP) in Amman, Jordan, a leading global

How PeacePlayers Makes Us Think Differently About the Power of Sport

We hope you have a chance today to read this great new story from our partners at Nike about the power of PeacePlayers to bring people together through sport.  Here’s a preview: “Virtues such as persistence, courage and cooperation are hardwired into sports. But the relational lessons — practicing inclusivity, bridging differences between groups —

PeacePlayers Northern Ireland – Regional Friendship Games 2019

Northern Ireland’s Friendship Games kicked off on July 15th with 60 kids eagerly climbing off buses at Stranmillis College in South Belfast. The morning started with PeacePlayers Northern Ireland’s own top basketball coaches welcoming participants and sharing the expectations for the days that would follow. From there followed three full days of intense skill work,

PeacePlayers Middle East – Regional Friendship Games 2019

PeacePlayers Middle East was thrilled to host the 2019 Middle East Friendship Games from July 21-25 at Kibbutz Sdot Yam on the Mediterranean coast. With gratitude owed to the Peskowitz Family, the Arison Family and the US Embassy in Israel, 50 Palestinian and Israeli youth, ages 10-17, from Jerusalem and Northern Israel, came together for

PeacePlayers Cyprus – Regional Friendship Games 2019

Our journey to the Friendship Games kicked off during our annual Summer Camp in mid-July! 54 youth, aged 12-18, came to the Rodon Hotel in Agros for a week of leadership activities, team-building, and basketball skill-building. Our coaching staff consisted of 8 PeacePlayers Cyprus staff, including two of our Assistant Coaches, and Joanne from Northern

PeacePlayers South Africa – Regional Friendship Games 2019

Meet Hanno Munzig, 18 year old volunteer from Ulm, Germany. I arrived in South Africa two weeks ago as a volunteer for PeacePlayers South Africa for one year. Basketball has always been a big passion of mine, I started to play it when I was a little boy, so I was super excited to be

PeacePlayers United States – Regional Friendship Games 2019

    Basketball.  Learning.  Laughter.  Joy. The energy was palpable in the Midwest this August as our five programs from across the U.S. gathered together for the first time ever to host their regional PeacePlayers U.S. Friendship Games.  Youth from coast-to-coast descended on a week-long games co-hosted by PeacePlayers Chicago and Detroit from August 5-9.