Coach Thobani Takes on New role at PPI-SA !

PPI-SA’s Thobani (left) with PPI-CY International Fellow Ryan

This weeks blog is written by Thobani Khumalo, the newly appointed Local Fellow at PeacePlayers International – South Africa.

  1. How long have you been a part of the PPI Family?

I have been with the programme since 2005, pretty much about 12 years. I started as a LDP participant and back then Its was known as Playing for Peace. What made me stay was the culture of PPI, the concept of the family on and off the court. I have been with the organization in so many levels, from participant, to PSP coach, to LDP, to being an AC then a Life Skills assistant coordinator and being an LDP programme coordinator, and now ofcause, as the Local Fellow.

2. What are you most excited about your new role?

Its has always been progressing, from one role to another. I always have been anxious to grow and learn as much as I can. This new role is probably the most exciting of them all, its being piloted here in PPI-SA, I’m mostly excited that I will be helping develop coaches, I’ll be involved and hands on with the programme in multiple levels. Also I’m excited to find new ways to grown within the PPI family and help reach our mission. This role will give me the skills that I will use personally when pressuring my own career goals in the IT field. Skills like treating and seeing people as people(Arbinger) for example.

3. What do you hope to achieve in the position in the next 2 years?

Honestly to grow as much as I can, and to learn from the my fellow colleagues and coaches. I like challenges and after two years I would like to see growth in some of the coaches, share my knowledge with them as much as I can, and also inspire others to strive to improve in multiple areas as be proud ambassadors of the PPI Family. I want to lead by example and help create more community leaders that the youth can aspire to be like.

Thobani reffing at the 27th City Wide Tournament.


PeacePlayers South AfricaCoach Thobani Takes on New role at PPI-SA !

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