Coaching skills enhanced in PPI-SA

Coach Letha Zulu facilitating a session with the coaches

This past week, PeacePlayers had the opportunity of working with the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) when they hosted a Basketball clinic for our coaches. It was a truly amazing experience for our coaches to learn from the DSR Facilitator (Letha Zulu) who is well known and respected for his basketball achievements. Coach Letha Zulu is the national u16 team head coach and the head coach of the reigning champions for the Top Schools national tournament and was able to share his wisdom and knowledge with our team of coaches. Throughout the day Letha and our very own Mtu Zulu lead the coaches through an intense basketball clinic.  This clinic was broken into various skills, starting with the coaching philosophy and the coaches answering the very basic but significantly important questions; ”Why are you here?” and “What is the role of a coach?”

“The role of a coach is to become a role model, to guide players on and off the field.” “the role of a coach is to enhance players skills from the level they are in to a new level they can achieve” “When you are the coach you are a mentor, a friend, an older brother/sister that players can come to for guidance and direction, someone they can talk to with matters that are confidential and most importantly someone they can trust.” – These were some on the answers coaches gave when asked what is the role of a coach.


Coach Letha Zulu facilitating a session with the coaches

After that Mtu Zulu did what he does best and led a session on basic defense. Then, Letha Zulu took over with teaching the coaches skills and how to teach them to others, from players having good body movement and having rhythm a key fundamental skill that helps players master simple skills like dribbling a basketball. Every skill that was introduced was broken into three phases. Phase one is where players just get the rhythm of the skills, phase two is to practice the skill then phrase three is applying the skill in game situations. “He was able to treat me like a participant and allowed me to make mistake so I can learn and improve” added Siyanda Nxumalo (one of our coaches.)

The day ended with a session on talking about the challenges coaches in Durban face. This is great feedback for both PPI-SA and DSR to know so that both can plan on how they can mitigate the challenges and help coaches become better.

law122Coaching skills enhanced in PPI-SA

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