Developing a New Generation of Leaders at the PP- ME

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Monique: In addition to assisting coaches in the field with basketball practices, I have the tremendous opportunity to plan and implement life skills training in the Leadership Development Program (LDP) for some of PeacePlayers Middle East’s older participants.  Last week, I traveled with thirty LDP members to a beach resort in Sdot Yam for a two-day retreat, where we ate together and had an awesome time learning and growing.  I helped coordinate sessions on team building, public speaking, and on learning how to coach.

Yuval is a new LDP member, and I asked her to share some of her thoughts about being in PeacePlayers and about the retreat:

How long have you been a participant in PeacePlayers?  Why did you want to get involved?

Yuval:  I started participating at PeacePlayers twinnings when I was in 4th grade and joined the All- Stars when I was in the 6th grade.  I wanted to get even more involved because I think PeacePlayers is a fun and helpful place were Arab and Jewish kids meet and play basketball, and where we all have the same goal.

What does the Leadership Development Program (LDP) mean to you?

Yuval: For me it is about learning to be a junior coach and a responsible leader.
Describe your favorite parts of the LDP Retreat.  What new things did you learn?

Yuval: What I liked most in the retreat was when we planned our own practice, just like real coaches do. The Scavenger Hunt game was also a lot of fun!

Tell me about a time when you were a leader outside of PeacePlayers?

Yuval: I was a leader at school, when we had a school challenge.  I helped and led my group to victory!

In what ways do you feel being in the LDP will help you in the future?

Yuval: I think the LDP can help me because it teaches me courage.



PeacePlayersIntlDeveloping a New Generation of Leaders at the PP- ME

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