Former NBA and WNBA Players Visit PPI-ME in Jerusalem

PPI-ME Participants strike a pose with Kelenna Azubuike (NBA), Tameka Johnson (WNBA) and Neil Meyer (NBA).

On July 14 former players Kelenna Azubuike (NBA) and Tameka Johnson (WNBA) came to Jerusalem and did a basketball clinic with the participants of PeacePlayers International – Middle East.  Below is a recap of the event.

PeacePlayers International – Middle East (PPI-ME) had the chance to meet former professional basketball players Kelenna Azubuike (NBA) and Tameka Johnson (WNBA) during their visit to the Middle East.  Kelenna and Tameka spent some time in Jerusalem where they got a chance to

Tameka brought tons of energy during the clinic!

meet some of the participants and put on a basketball clinic.

Kelenna and Tameka started off the clinic by talking to the participants about the importance of followi
ng your dream, not giving up, and believing in yourself.  They also spoke about the many doors and opportunities that have arisen because of basketball.  Neither of them imagined that they would be traveling to the Middle East and hanging out with our participants simply because of a game they fell in love with at a young age.

After the opening discussion, the participants split into groups and went through different stations.  Kelenna ran a shooting station at one end of the court where he talked about the importance of using fakes and cutting in order to get open for good shots.  At the other end of the court, Tameka ran a dribbling station where she talked about the importance of keeping your eyes up in order to see the entire

Kelenna and Tameka sign autographs after the clinic 

court and always maintain control of the ball.  Neil Meyer, Senior Director of Basketball Operations for the NBA got in on the action as well and ran a station at half court.
Neil’s station focused on passing and the importance of making good strong passes in order to set teammates up to be a threat to the defense.

The clinic ended with autographs from Kelenna and Tameka and lots of pictures.  PPI-ME really enjoyed meeting both of the players and sharing a little bit of the program with them.

Thank you to the U.S. Embassy, Tel Aviv and the U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem for the continued support and for including PPI-ME be part of such a fun event!

lfisher2015Former NBA and WNBA Players Visit PPI-ME in Jerusalem

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