Game On!

In case you missed it on our social media platforms yesterday, read this powerful blog post about our programs in the Middle East, published on The Times of Israel by Nancy Strichman. Dr. Strichman teaches graduate courses in evaluation and strategic thinking at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has a masters degree in International Development. Her research has focused on civil society, specifically on shared society NGOs and gender equality in Israel.

She paints the picture of how our PeacePlayers Middle East All-Stars are changing perceptions in their community, saying “… basketball teams include Jewish and Palestinian youth from all over Israel and the West Bank. They are so fierce, so brave.

We are proud of our PeacePlayers Middle East young leaders who continue to grow and inspire us all for a more peaceful world as “by being part of PeacePlayers, these girls have become proficient not only in layups and dribbling, but in how to build cross cultural understanding”.

PeacePlayers Jerusalem All-Stars basketball team with Chamique Holdsclaw

Members of the PeacePlayers Jerusalem All-Stars basketball team with Chamique Holdsclaw, a former WNBA All-Star, an Olympic Gold Medalist, and a Laureus sports ambassador, who was on a visit to Israel. Spring, 2017.

MandyGame On!