Getting to Know PPI-CY Participant Christianna Miltiadous

This week’s blog was written by Christianna Miltiadous, a participant of PPI-CY, about her experience with PPI and starting her new journey of going to college in the USA.

Hey everyone, my name is Christianna Miltiadous (AKA Mush)!

PeacePlayers is a great organization which I had the pleasure of participating in for the past 4 years.  PeacePlayers has given me so many memories and experiences, which I will cherish forever.

Me and my friends at the Spring 3v3 Tournament (I’m the girl in the blue!)

Now, I am starting a new chapter of my life, college. I’m in the USA attending a college named CCM in New Jersey.  PeacePlayers helped me a lot, I know some of you who know me won’t believe this, but before PeacePlayers, I wasn’t  sociable, but since I started peace players I have changed completely. I have met lots of coaches and players who are incredible people. PeacePlayers introduced me to lots of friends from both sides, and my two best friends Sophia and Victor. They made me open up, even when I didn’t feel comfortable in some situations; they gave me confidence that I can do whatever I put my mind to.  PeacePlayers has taught me leadership skills, the qualifications to be a good leader and the most important one for me is RESPECT. It doesn’t matter how old is the other person, or where they come from or what religion they have, everyone is equal.  At PeacePlayers, I feel comfortable and wanted. I have changed completely as a person since I started PeacePlayers and I am so grateful to them.

Post paint and water fight at #PPICamp2k16

This year’s camp was different from other years.  This year we had the pleasure to have PeacePlayers from South Africa, Middle East, Northern Ireland and Norway.  It was great learning about other people’s experiences and what they go through every day, no one knows really know how it is, until they meet a person from that country who faces a conflict.  I met some of the best and funniest people who I will remember forever.  It shows that there a lot of people going through the same problems as you, but someday  we will all overcome them.

I am so grateful to PeacePlayers, because now going to college, I am going to take everything they have taught me and try to apply it and spread awareness for this great organization called PeacePlayers.  It doesn’t matter if I’m on the other side of the world, I still want to be a part of PeacePlayers and help as much as I can.  Because of them I want to pursue something that has to do with helping others that are in need.  I would love in the future to work for them, and help and inspire young people to pursue their dreams no matter how hard they seem.  Thank you PeacePlayers for everything you have done for me! See you soon!

Friends from all over the world!!!

seanwright33Getting to Know PPI-CY Participant Christianna Miltiadous

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