Hiking, Teambuilding, and Planning – All in a Week’s Work

The view from the top of Krantzkloof Nature Reserve

In today’s blog PeacePlayers International – South Africa Marketing and Fundraising Manager Sbahle Mkhize and Senior Life Skills Coordinator Ntobeko Ngcamu share what they were up to last week.

Senior Life Skills Coordinator Ntobeko Ngamu:  Last week, the PPI-SA staff walked through a one-day Arbinger in the Workplace Training.  Arbinger’s strategy is to improve work results by transforming mindset.

A selfie by PPI-SA staff members on last week’s hike

The Arbinger methodology is based on looking at ourselves to solve conflict, working effectively, and deciding how we can help those around us (co-workers, coaches, etc.). Over the next few weeks each PPI-SA staff member will have a one-on-one meeting with every other staff to talk through our goals both inside and outside of work.  Having completed my first meeting, I can see how this is will improve our ability to work together.

The prize: PPI-SA staff make it to Krantzkloof’s beautiful waterfall

Towards the end of the week, a few of the other staff and I went for a hike in the Krantzkloof Nature Reserve.  After the training earlier in the week, it was a great chance to continue to get to know each other outside the office.

Marketing and Fundraising Manager Sbahle Mkhize:  On the way to Krantzkloof National Park, the weather started to change and it looked as if it would rain. That, however, didn’t stop us.

I saw my colleagues in another way after that hike.  All three of them were approaching physical barriers (large rocks) fearlessly and in the mist of the adventure, they never forgot about me at the back.  It was interesting to see our underlying thinking and behavioral patterns, originally brought up during the training, were revealed on the hike.

Moving forward I am excited to see how the Arbinger Training and additional activities benefit our responsibilities, teamwork, and eventually, the youth we serve.  The PeacePlayers International – South Africa youth will see coaches and staff demonstrate teamwork and responsibility skills, inspiring them to improve their own teamwork and responsibility skills on and off the basketball court.

bfranklin2014Hiking, Teambuilding, and Planning – All in a Week’s Work

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