History at the X Games

Chloe Kim, the first ever athlete to win 2 X Games gold medals before the age of 16


Over the weekend, Aspen, Colorado hosted the X Games.  Events included: SnoCross, Slopestyle, Snowmobile Freestyle, SuperPipe, and more.  The X Games give viewers the chance to watch talented men and women partake in extreme snow sports, doing incredible stunts that seem almost inhuman.  One of the biggest stories of the weekend involved Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe gold medal winner, Chloe Kim.

Chloe Kim is a Korean-American snowboarder who is only 15 years old.  By winning gold in her event she became not only a girl who was able to defend her title, as she won gold in the same event last year, but she also became the first-ever athlete to win 2 X Games gold medals under the age of 16.

Kim’s winning margin amounted to almost 10 whole points, with the second-place winner scoring an 86, compared to her 95.  This X Games was actually her third, and she has won a medal every single time.  Not being old enough to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, she will get a chance to win not only X Games medals, but also Olympic ones in the upcoming Winter Olympics held in South Korea in 2018.

Accomplishing such a fantastic feat can only mean that Chloe Kim will be hugely successful in the future.  US Snowboarding has even titled her as “the future of women’s snowboarding.” With such a promising outlook on her future snowboarding endeavors, she can really be a spotlight on the power of women in sports as well as the sport of snowboarding itself, which does not get as much attention as other sports in the US such as football, baseball, and basketball.

PeacePlayers works to develop and inspire young athletes, many of whom are Chloe Kim’s age.  Her success is an inspiration to young athletes everywhere to keep pursuing their athletic aspirations.

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