I joined PPI-SA because…


In today’s blog, PPI-SA Fundraising and Marketing Manager Sbahle Mkhize shares about the first day of our Professional Development Program Orientation

This week, 25th of January, PeacePlayers International-South Africa kicked of its week long coach’s orientation. Twenty coaches from across Durban were there the first day.

The purpose of the week long orientation and training is to ensure that coaches are well equipped with the proper skills and tools that will enable them to coach and mentor the youth of Durban. Yesterday we kicked off with welcomes and energizers to start the week off on a fun note.

After dancing, drumming and all around fun we got down to business. Coaches were given an overview of the five PeacePlayers International sites, and it was interesting to compare how each relates to one another – all under the same mission of using sport to unite, educate and inspire young people in divided communities through basketball.

Next up, we dove deeper into PeacePlayers International – South Africa. Coaches learned more about the goal of PPI-SA’s programming: for youth in Durban to live peacefully together and to have positive aspirations for the future and how integral each one of our coaches are in that goal.

PPI-SA fellow Bryan Franklin and Coach Denayo, winner of the elevator pitch competition

After the overview, coaches had a chance to put their knowledge to a test by competing in an elevator pitch competition. Each coach was given one minute to describe PPI as an organization, PPI-SA and why they chose to join the organization as a coach. It was amazing to hear the short stories about why our coaches joined PPI:

“I joined PPI because I wanted to play basketball and meet different people from different areas, make new friends and just have fun.”

“I joined PPI because I wanted to help develop and train young people through a sport that I not only love but have a passion for and in turn gain leadership skills and learn to tackle challenges”

“I joined the organization to help bring change to our communities, and to give positive attitude to young adults”

“I joined PPI-SA because I believe that sport has the power to bring people together, it has the power to take away pain and loneliness that people face every day. Another reason why I joined was that I saw a chance of me growing and becoming a better person. As much as I wanted to be a role model in the lives of the kids I coach, I also needed one.”

“I joined PPI to grow as person, increase my self-confidence and to inspire the youth in my community by being a role model to them.”

After the elevator pitches, coaches received a quick introduction to the Syllabus for the year before heading out to the court for some practical coaching tips. With Day 1 down, we’re looking forward to the rest of the week as we prepare for both our Primary School and Leadership Development Programs to launch next week!



bfranklin2014I joined PPI-SA because…

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