A PSP participant going for the lay-up.

Each year PPI-SA hosts two large tournaments encompassing ALL of our program participants to allow those from different areas and backgrounds to come together, compete, and have fun.

A moment captured during the 26th City Wide Tournament.

Unfortunately, the first tournament scheduled for June had to be cancelled due to weather conditions, which was a big disappointment for everyone. As a result, PeacePlayers International – South Africa is extremely excited about this weekend’s championship tournament and we are gearing up for an exciting 27th City Wide Tournament.

In advance of the tournament on Saturday, we asked all of our schools to think about what PeacePlayers means to them, their team, and community, and to put together an artistic presentation representing this. This can be in the form of a poem, dance, painting, or song, but the most important part is that it represents what PeacePlayers means to them. PPI-SA participants will present what they came up with on Saturday at the tournament as part of our theme this year which is #ItsCoolToBeAPeacePlayer.

The canvas each school received to create a painting of what #PPImeans to them.

We are excited to see what our participants have come up with and can’t wait for Saturday to see everyone together!

Thank you to the Culture Care Kids First Foundation, Jotun South Africa and the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation for supporting this tournament. We appreciate and value your continued support.

PeacePlayers South Africa#ItsCoolToBeAPeacePlayer

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