Kicking off the Summer with Summer Jam!

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This week’s blog is brought to you by PPI-NI’s new summer intern, Don Fejfar!  

These last couple weeks (all spring even), you have all been reading about the many busy people here at PPI-NI.  Spring programs seem to have been giving everyone in this place plenty of things to do, and after arriving this week just in time to help out with Summer Jam 2018, I can assure you that has been the case.  My name is Donald Fejfar and I am just arriving in Belfast from America to help out and learn more about Peace Players for the summer as a volunteer intern.  

To know a little bit more about me, I am big into sports (I have played a dozen in my lifetime, including basketball, football, American football, swimming, and right now water polo and beach volleyball at Uni).  I attend University at North Carolina – Chapel Hill (go Tar Heels!) where I study Biostatistics in Public Health, but I also get to watch fantastic basketball and see some famous players like Michael Jordan and Kenny “The Jet” Smith around campus.  Enough about me though, because more importantly I just saw some great basketball action right here in Belfast to begin my summer. Jumping right into it with Summer Jam was a perfect way to start my time here!

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Summer Jam was a whirl, but it was a great time.  This event saw the concluding tournament to a busy spring for programs like BIL+ and a lot of good fun and team building for many kids from all around Belfast.  I got to help set up the day and do some refereeing, but the best part was just watching these kids come together to play basketball and have fun.


Everyone was in good spirit and the day went by very smoothly, thanks to contribution from our staff, coaches, the wonderful parents of our participants, the great people from Queens PEC that let us use their facilities, our board members, the first aid crew, the DePauw guys, the older PeacePlayers kids that help out with the younger lot, and the Google volunteers…  OH and of course the wonderful kids that bring so much energy and enthusiasm to participate.

To quote Debbie Byrne, who worked hard to coordinate this event, Summer Jam was an opportunity to see the entire PPI-NI community work as a “well-oiled machine” and that is what I look forward to being a part of this summer.  I am excited to see a lot more energy from the kids, a lot more hard work from volunteers and coaches, and a lot more great events and efforts from the staff.





nornironKicking off the Summer with Summer Jam!

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