Leif’s Life: Super Twinning Coordinator

This weeks blog is brought to you by PPI-NI international fellow, Leif Frymire.

Hello! For those that have not met me, my name is Leif (life). Here at PPI-NI we have just completed 12 (YES 12) Super Twinnings.

A super twinning is when we bring both the P7 and P6 classes from twinned schools (i.e. John Paul II and Springhill) for a day of basketball drills, matches, team building and CR activities. Below you will find a youtube video I’ve made of what it is like to lead a super twinning.

What I forgot to mention in the video was the amount of work that goes into making a super twinning happen! The coordinators do a lot of emailing, last minute messaging, phone calling, and scrambling around to make sure these days run smoothly and are as much fun as possible for the participants.

Thank you to all the teacher’s, principles, coaches, staff and participants who have made these Super Twinnings so much fun to lead and coach on!

Enjoy the video below!

nornironLeif’s Life: Super Twinning Coordinator

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