Martin’s Coaching Experience

Today’s blog is written by PPI-NI Champion4Peace and Coaching Development Programme participant, Martin Johnston! He describes his experience of coaching at the Super Twinning between Euston Street and St. Teresa’s.


I made my way over to Queen’s PEC after Joanne asked anyone if they would fill in for a coach for a super twinning.  When I got there all of the coaches were super friendly and were there when I needed any help.  As I am a part of the Coaches Development Programme (CDP) I felt really confident in what we have learned and how well I knew the drills.

When the kids got to the Super Twinning the atmosphere was really energetic, happy and safe which I think is what makes PeacePlayers.  When I was welcomed to my team Joanne was with me and we got the kids to form a ‘PeacePlayers Circle’, which means that people from the same school aren’t allowed to sit beside each other so the order just went St. Theresa’s then Euston Street.  Joanne and I got everyone to introduce themselves and say they’re favourite ice cream flavour which they were excited to share.  The team and I then made up a cheer and presented it to the rest of the people there and it was a laugh and everyone enjoyed it.

We started our first session which was team building and I thought it went well because everyone worked well and got along with each other.  Then we started a couple of basketball drills and played games like MJ Says and Target and were really fun to deliver as they are games that the kids found were really fun.  After our lunchtime we done some more basketball drills and then went to Community Relations, I thought this session went really well as everyone knew what the term “Co-operation” was whenever they left the room.  After the CR session the kids were very excited as they were playing matches in a mini-tournament.  It was great to see them play and work well together and using the skills they learned that morning.

At the end of the matches there was a big presentation and Jazz [overseeing Super Twinning] then announced that my team won, I was very proud and delighted as were the kids of the team.  I then got up and talked about how good the day went with my team and gave out my ‘Co-operation Captain trophy’.  The Super-Twinning was an amazing coaching experience because I was experiencing what it was like for coaches who coached me when I was in those kids places years ago, overall it was absolutely brilliant and I would definitely do it again!😊

nornironMartin’s Coaching Experience

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