Meet Talent Juru of PeacePlayers South Africa

“This was an upgrade in my way of living and my way of thought; and through this I changed in ways I could never have imagined.” -Talent Juru (17) 7 Years with PeacePlayers

When Talent Juru first joined PeacePlayers, he was still new to South Africa, having recently moved from Zimbabwe with his family. Talent joined PeacePlayers because he saw it as a way to break down barriers and “stop the unnecessary racial violence and discrimination we face in South Africa surrounding the difference in color.” Having joined the program at age 10, Talent stayed on throughout high school and went on to become one of PeacePlayers South Africa’s most promising young leaders in the Leadership Development Program.

Talent credits PeacePlayers with changing his “way of living and way of thought.” “[PeacePlayers] taught me to be more socially engaged and involved in things, be friendly with everyone, and to be a leader when one is needed.”

Last year, Talent singled out the Friendship Games, which brought together PeacePlayers youth from around the world, as having had a major impact: ‘The Friendship Games helped me to sharpen my basketball communication, and leadership skills & taught me more about how PeacePlayers International works as an organization which I am particularly interested in and
excited about being a part of now and in the future!”

Bailee RasmussenMeet Talent Juru of PeacePlayers South Africa