More than Basketball with Chad Ford


PPI had the pleasure of having Chad Ford come to camp. During the sessions Chad hosted there was a common theme, “more than basketball”. During his sessions the participants played games that focused on teamwork, communication, and leadership. But it was the discussion during and after that brought out the more than basketball theme.

During a discussion towards the end of a session Chad related a game to the many conflicts we see around the world today. As he was discussing how this simple game, had a deeper meaning, you could see the participants begin to realize that this is more than basketball. During one of the games with the objective of getting the ball around the room, Chad

Chad Ford teaching a workshop to PPI participants

explained that the participants could only pass to someone who was from the same country as they were. As there were many different countries represented in the room, most of the participants stood by people from their same country. Thus making is harder to move the ball around the circle. Showing that it is more difficult to solve conflicts without all parties involved actively participating together. To many people basketball is just a game, but to the participants at PPI’s Summer Camp, Basketball will forever be more than a game.

rvigorenMore than Basketball with Chad Ford

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