Nae Nae for Peace!

It’s a new year – a sure sign that the college football championship game is around the corner.  But, if you’re like me, what has been taking your attention lately in the college football world is the plethora of viral videos showing coaches dancing the “whip,” “nae nae,” “dab,” and even the “quan.”  And let me tell you, there is nothing more entertaining than watching Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State, Dabo Swinny at Clemson, and Les Miles at Louisiana State attempting to do dances that are better off left to their players…

But did you know college football coaches aren’t the only ones dancing to celebrate victories? Young PeacePlayers from all around the world have been showing off their moves, celebrating not only victories, but the opportunity to play together with children of different races, ethnicities, and religions.  Some of our young leaders and athletes from Northern Ireland can be seen showing off their slick dance moves in the links listed below:

Of course, we also love getting the opportunity to show off some of our PeacePlayer’s more traditional dances, such as the one performed by our PeacePlayers in South Africa.

Being able to dance together is just one of the many opportunities offered to PeacePlayers all over the world.  Dance reaches across any and all races, religions, and ethnicities and is a fun way for even adults to put a twist on celebration.

law122Nae Nae for Peace!

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