Once A PeacePlayer, Always A PeacePlayer  


This week’s blog was written by David Lasday, COO of the Israel Lacrosse Association (today) and a PeacePlayer’s fan (always!)


Some of PeacePlayers LDP came out to support! Also pictured, PP-CY fellow Sean Wright (the tall guy with the hat on backwards)

PeacePlayers was my entry into the world of sports-based youth-development and community-building through sport. It was during my time with Peace Players Middle East that I gained the skills to bring people together through sport. As a result, when building the Israel Lacrosse Association, we built it on the same values of community, life skills development, and leadership as those promoted by PeacePlayers.

Based on these shared core values, the Israel Lacrosse Association has created 14 teams over the past six years. Our National Team players are dedicated coaches who use lacrosse to bring people together. This summer, we will be bringing 2000 athletes from 48 countries to the region for the 2018 FIL Men’s World Lacrosse Championship in Netanya. One of the goals of this event is to demonstrate how sport can be used as a means of building friendship and understanding.

Last week the English National Team toured the region, playing five games in five cities during the course of five days. Prior to their game on Thursday night, the English Team joined the Israeli Team to host an ‘Intro to Lacrosse’ community-building clinic attended by young women from PeacePlayers Middle East’s Leadership Development Program. As to be expected, the girls picked up the game very quickly. In fact, the English team said it was the best part of their tour.

When the chips are down, PeacePlayers are there, ready to inspire!

Thanks to the organization that gave me my start and which continues to be a partner and role model.

PeacePlayersIntlOnce A PeacePlayer, Always A PeacePlayer  

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