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At PeacePlayers International, we are dedicated to continuous learning. To that end, we employ rigorous monitoring and evaluation systems to ensure our programs are effectively empowering youth to become champions for peace. We also regularly commission external evaluations and research studies to further examine our impact and advance peacebuilding efforts beyond PPI.


  • 96% of veteran Israeli and Palestinian participants hold positive attitudes towards the “other side”

  • 83% police officers in Kansas City changed their attitudes towards conflict

  • 85% South African coaches are former program participants

  • 200 Cypriot youth cross the buffer zone each year

  • 25% increase in children who believe in a multi-religious Northern Ireland


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Advancing the Field

PPI is the subject of a ground-breaking, multi-year randomized control trial (RCT) study examining the impact of the program among participants in the Middle East.

Conducted by independent researchers from New York University, the project looks to answer two overarching questions:

  • Are PPI’s Israeli and Palestinian participants changing their attitudes towards their perceived enemy group?
  • Are PPI’s Israeli and Palestinian participants becoming leaders capable of positively influencing their communities?

The RCT is one of the first to rigorously test sport and peacebuilding methodologies in action – making the results of this study important not just to PPI, but also to the larger conflict resolution and youth development fields.

Results from the pilot phase of the study show that participation in PPI increases willingness and ability among Israeli and Palestinian youth to act as peacebuilders by standing up to defend members of the other group in cases of harassment or aggressive actions.

To learn more about the PPI RCT, visit the New York University project website: Contact, Sport and Peacebuilding

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