Andrew Daniels

Andrew Daniels

International Fellow
Location: Northern Ireland

Andrew has played basketball since he was 7 years old. A three-year varsity athlete at Oakton High School, Andrew was part of a team that won their first district championship game in 38 years. Andrew went on to play at Roanoke College in southwest Virginia where he excelled athletically and academically. While studying Sociology at Roanoke, Andrew became interested in social injustices. Upon graduating, Andrew continued his interests in social issues by enrolling into a Conflict Transformation masters program at Eastern Mennonite University. Early in his studies, Andrew was skeptical that sport and conflict transformation could be combined. However, that changed when he became a coach at a local high school and began taking some of his lessons from class and applying them to a sports lens.

Having the opportunity to practice peacebuilding through basketball is truly a dream come true for Andrew. In addition to being very excited about working for PeacePlayers, Andrew is also looking forward to living in Belfast, where his grandfather was born and raised. Being able to trace his family roots while also doing inspiring work seems to be the perfect fit.

Andrew enjoys a great many things: Watching Star Wars and Game of Thrones, playing basketball, eating all kinds of food (try me, I like everything), traveling/experiencing different cultures and much more!

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