David Cassel

Head of US Strategy and Operations
Location: United States
Email: dcassel@peaceplayers.org

David joined PeacePlayers in May 2019, as the new head of US strategy and operations.

David came to PeacePlayers from the Institute for Nonviolence Chicago, where he oversaw the strategy and program development of the start-up violence prevention/intervention organization in Chicago.  In that role, David facilitated local partnerships while gathering best practices in violence prevention and intervention from cities around the country to adopt and implement in Chicago.  During David’s tenure, the Institute for Nonviolence Chicago expanded efforts to end violence in three of Chicago’s most violence communities.

David grew up in a community of 79 families designed to welcome people of diverse backgrounds to live and interact together in an intentional way.  Members of the community were culturally, racially and religiously diverse.  As the community developed, people who grew up in Japanese Internment Camps, escaped Nazi Germany, fought for their civil rights in the US, lived in rural farming communities as well as urban communities lived together in harmony.  It was in this context that David learned to play basketball at the local park with young people of different races, ages, backgrounds and experiences.

Prior to his work at the Institute for Nonviolence Chicago, David served as a leader at the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago after serving as the executive director of the Alliance of Local Service Organizations on Chicago’s Northwest Side.  David is a 1998 graduate of Juniata College with a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies/Communications and earned his MBA from University of Illinois at Chicago.  In 2009, David was named “35 Under 35” by the Community Renew Society for his community work in Chicago on social justice, violence prevention and community collaboration.

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