Emmett Shepard

Emmett Shepard

International Fellow
Location: South Africa
Email: eshepard@peaceplayers.org

Emmett was born and raised in Williamstown, a small town in the northwestern corner of Massachusetts with his parents, Karen and Jim, who are both fiction writers and professors at Williams College, his older brother, Aidan, who is an insanely talented drummer living in New York City, his younger sister Lucy, who is by far the funniest person on the face of the earth, and the three beagles: Dino, Teddy, and Cosmo.

Emmett loves and thrives in groups, on the kind of teams and with the kind of collaborators who can help each other discover and evolve.  He believes where you end up is a mix of luck and the ability to recognize that luck, and teams seem like the best places for those two things to happen.

Basketball has been a part of his life since he could stand. He wasn’t good at it in the beginning, but he never stopped practicing, and eventually, he played for Pitzer College, a small liberal arts school in Southern California. Playing at the collegiate level was a dream come true, and it allowed him to participate in PeacePlayers as a summer volunteer at PP Belfast which is where he caught the PP bug–he still has the team photos from that summer on his bedroom wall. However, Pitzer also opened his eyes to a wide variety of pursuits other than basketball to explore. He had always been a film buff, but he didn’t study it in a serious way until he majored in Media Studies. He had a new dream, to work for the man who inspired him the most in the world of cinema, Jordan Peele. Through the same dogged persistence, he managed to intern at Peele’s MonkeyPaw Productions–a different kind of collaborative team. (Mostly, this dogged persistence involved various forms of cold-calling and cyber-stalking.  Ask him about the details!)

He is thrilled to be back at PeacePlayers, back on yet another kind of team, exploring his first true passions, basketball and working with others, especially kids, and he’s excited to keep his eyes open for the luck that is coming his way and the luck he can help create for others.

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