Neta Patrick

Neta Patrick

Managing Director
Location: Middle East

Neta Patrick joined as Managing Director of PeacePlayers Middle East in March 2020.  She is Israeli lawyer with 13 years of experience working for the third sector as a lawyer and an executive director.

Patrick served as Executive Director of Yesh-Din, an Israeli human rights organization working to enhance the rule of law in the occupied territories and protect human rights.

Prior to Yesh-Din Patrick worked as a lawyer specializing in Israeli constitutional and international human rights law in a private law firm and later as the head of the International Human Rights Law Clinic at the Hebrew University School of Law in Jerusalem.

Patrick holds an LLB from Tel Aviv University in Law and Gender Studies, and an LLM from Columbia Law school, both with honors. Just prior to joining PeacePlayers, she was most recently a program manager at the Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center, where she focused on Social Entrepreneurship.

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