Shaaiza McKoy

Shaaiza McKoy

Basketball Operations and Engagement Specialist
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Shaaiza Mckoy, a Brooklyn native played at the HS, AAU & Collegiate level. She played at Benjamin Banneker HS, while also playing for nationally ranked Exodus NYC during the AAU season. After graduating from HS she continued her basketball career at ASA College for one season. Her team went on to become NJCAA Region XV Division 1 champs, ranked 19th in NJCAA polls and District C semifinalist (1st time ever in school history). Salem International University (WV) became her home for the next two years before transferring to Mansfield University (PA) to finish up her senior year, acquiring her degree.

Upon returning home Shaaiza became a dispatcher for New York’s MTA service but after a year she left to find a job better fit to her passion of helping others, especially youth. Shaaiza found this passion when she was hired by Nike to be a model and trainer. She was featured in a few Jordan & Nike brand billboard and commercials and worked her way to become one of Nike’s top female trainers.

As a young athlete, Shaaiza didn’t have a strong support system or role model to turn to when needed, so her main focus is being that person for youth today who have that same problem. Her focus is on all youth but especially females. She wants young girls to understand that it’s okay to be yourself and still play a sport that many consider a male sport. She wants to teach them to break down stereotypical barriers and embrace that they are capable of anything! During her time with PeacePlayers she plans to help unify, uplift, encourage as many youth as possible.

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