Thobani Khumalo

Operations Manager
Location: South Africa

My name is Thobani Khumalo and I was born in Durban in 1987. I started playing basketball in 2002 and my older brother Cyril, was a huge influence in encouraging me to continue shooting hoops and enjoying the sport I love. I joined PeacePlayers International-South Africa in 2004 while PPI-SA was still Playing for Peace. I played for the Lamontville Leadership Development Program (LDP) and that’s where I got a chance to learn advanced basketball skills and learn life changing lessons. I then grew in the sport and became a mentor for my little brother, Mcebisi, who now participates in the LDP program. In 2008, I was offered a great opportunity to be a basketball coach at a school called Summerfield in Chatsworth. When I started at Summerfield, there were no basketball courts, so I used to coach in the parking area. I used to walk to the school and it was an hour and a half walk to get to Summerfield. However, I was inspired by the passion I saw in the kids’ eyes. For a year we trained in the parking area. Then, in 2010 I was offered another marvelous opportunity to become the Chatsworth Area Coordinator for PPI-SA.

Andrew VinesThobani Khumalo