Victor Robinson

Location: Detroit 

Victor D. Robinson is talented young leader that has carved out a foundation in community development, constantly honing his passion for giving back and uplifting youth within Detroit.   Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Victor has seen firsthand what his hometown has had to overcome to achieve its current trajectory of a vibrant urban metropolis.   Graduating from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science Prelaw, Victor knew he wanted to use his educational experience to make a difference in Detroit long-term.   As a leader on campus and the president of his fraternity, he led countless social events that ranged from entertainment to social justice awareness, always engaging diverse student populations. Career wise, Victor pursued his niche in the sports industry immediately after college by interning with a sports agency in Dallas, Texas.  After dabbling in a plethora of different sports related jobs, he realized that his passion for how sports impacted community, outweighed his desire for sports business.  Vic transitioned into community development, with a focus on youth and fundraising.  He currently serves on the board of directors for several Detroit area youth-oriented organizations including the Developing K.I.D.S., Cass Tech Alumni Association and the Community Connections Grant Program.  Victor also mentors with several community organizations, taking great pride in pouring into graduating seniors through the Midnight Golf Program.  An eventful 2016 saw Victor raise over $170,000 in grants and sponsorships for youth programming and scholarships.  The opportunity to join PeacePlayers International was the perfect mesh of Victor’s sports prowess and his passion for uplifting and unifying the youth of Detroit.  Whether it’s mobilizing his peers for social events and causes, or simply giving back to the communities that shaped him, Victor enjoys helping others and looks to do so for the rest of his life.  Victor is a millennial thought leader with a great feel of the pulse and needs of the Detroit community!

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