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In mid-April, the PeacePlayers-Cyprus team will have the opportunity to participate in an exciting and meaningful week-long journey to grow both professionally and personally, both at the team and individual level. This past week, Daan visited us all the way from the Netherlands to start planning out the logistics of the upcoming “Fast Forward Journey” towards a better future!


Daan Modderman (middle w/ blue shirt) is a Change Agent for Better Future.

The Fast Forward Journey

Better Future‘s purpose is to turn dreams on! In 2001, the nonprofit started out of a suitcase in West Africa and has ultimately become a global team of 30 entrepreneurial professionals working to connect and inspire 1000’s of leaders in over 30 countries including Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. Not to be confused with consultants, BF acts as catalyst and a medium for organizations looking to leverage shareable expertise knowledge and skills, while simultaneously developing leadership through cross-cultural learning. 


For one week in April, PPI-CY will participate together with FrieslandCampina in an immersive, on the ground journey to expand global perspectives, create vetted action plans to to address the most pressing strategic questions, to ignite leadership development and personal growth, and finally to develop a more connected team.

“To show that a more fair, healthy and sustainable world is possible. We take people out of their comfort zone. Into new realities. We unleash passion and imagination. And activate leadership. Until there is no way back.”

– Better Future

Daan at LDP Meeting.jpg

Daan chatting with some of the LDP youth in PeacePlayers.

During Daan’s time here in Cyprus, I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his experience with these journey’s.  Hopefully this will to get an idea as to what our PPI-CY staff can expect to gain as participants this coming April.

What were other organizations feedback from participating in a Better Future Journey?

“Life changing.”

“It’s a whole new way of leadership programs. Normally, they’re in a classroom. There’s a teacher who’s teaching them all day how to do things. In this leadership program, we are challenging participants to think for themselves. To come up with new ideas. To create the right environment to think for themselves. To become a better person. A stronger person. A more beautiful human.”

If you are interested in reading the full interview, please view it here: Full Interview with Daan.

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