PeacePlayers – Cyprus: Stories of Transformation

Since it inception, the PeacePlayers-Cyprus (PP-CY) Leadership Development Program (LDP) has impacted the lives of many youth aged fifteen and above. The LDP focuses on equipping youth participants with life skills such as effective communication, teamwork, empathy, etc.. Recently, PPI-CY had the opportunity to partner with Rooftop Theatre Group!

The Rooftop Theatre Group is a multicultural organisation that engages diverse topics and activities through the medium of performative art in Cyprus. Rooftop works in an inclusive and collaborative environment aiming to create dialogue and address cultural boundaries, that not only apply to Cyprus but also common cultural themes and global issues that face humanity in our world today.

This partnership allows us to describe not only PP-CY programming, but also tell the stories of real transformations that have taken place in the lives of our participants. This blog highlights the perceptions captured by the Rooftop Theater Group staff of some of the heartwarming stories of change among PP-CY participants.

Following the storytelling workshop, we asked the Rooftop Theater Group staff to answer the following question:

What was you impression of the stories told by the PeacePlayers LDP youth based on their response to how they got involved with PP-CY and how their life looks now?


LDP participants writing about the impact PP has had on their life.

Oya Akin

Board Member of Rooftop Theatre Group

“Working with the PeacePlayers group during our Rooftop Theatre storywriting workshop, getting to know them better, listening to their hopes and aspirations about Cyprus and the world has planted yet another seed of hope for the future in my heart. Such an energetic, talented, bright and enthusiastic group of individuals! Adults, especially politicians, have a lot to learn from you!”

Marilena Kyriacou

Board Member of Rooftop Theatre Group, Actress, Drama Teacher, Facilitator and Youth Worker

“It was a unique experience for me, as a drama practitioner and peacemaker, working with such a lovely, amazing and talented group. Watching their enthusiasm, energy, effort and passion really gave me hope for the future of Cyprus. PPI-CY is doing an amazing job with these kids and I am sure they will become the new generation of the right leaders we need in Cyprus for bringing people together and achieving peace.”

Claire Rassinoux


“This experience with PeacePlayers was amazing. I will for sure bring this memory to France! I was totally surprised by the kid’s maturity and by their soft skills. I felt how PeacePlayers allowed them to be so open minded, so curious, so tolerant…I really hope that the precious seeds planted in these beautiful young people will grow and will flourish around them. It makes me think that we could have the same kind of project even in non-separated countries because unfortunately everywhere the fear of others exist. Barriers are not physical sometimes, but mental. Very inspiring project and people! Many thanks and all the best for each of them!!!”

LDP participants partake in a storytelling activity facilitated by the Rooftop Theater Group.

EXCITING NEWS: Eventually, all of the stories will be featured in the next upcoming program year’s PP-CY new bi-communal calendar.

PeacePlayersIntlPeacePlayers – Cyprus: Stories of Transformation

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