PeacePlayers International & The Covello Foundation Partner to Support South African Girls

PeacePlayers International – South Africa participants bond after a practice

PeacePlayers International – South Africa (PPI – SA) is proud to announce a new partnership with The Covello Foundation to unite, educate, and inspire 200 South African young women from the province of KwaZulu-Natal.  The program will utilize basketball and PPI’s groundbreaking curriculum to create a safe space where young people form new group identities and learn skills to effectively deal with conflict.  In addition, PPI – SA aims to rectify gender imbalances by engaging girls from early childhood through adulthood, teaching young women how to be confident, assertive leaders and ambassadors for peace and social change.

Two young leaders dribble on the way home in Durban, South Africa

The Covello Foundation was founded in 2006 in honor of Jerry Covello.  Jerry was a lifelong baseball player, coach, and fan, who always supported and challenged his players.  The Foundation is dedicated to investing in the lives and character development of young athletes to help them realize their full potential.  The Foundation was initially used to benefit youth baseball at the community level in New Jersey and has since expanded to all sports and across the world.

PeacePlayers International (PPI) uses the game of basketball to unite, educate, and inspire young people in divided communities, reaching more than 69,000 youth in 15 countries.  Based on the simple concept that “children who play together can learn to live together,” PPI has become a worldwide leader in the use of sport to build a more peaceful world.

Everyone loves to share a joke between games!

PeacePlayers International – South Africa (PPI-SA), in Durban, was established in 2001 to foster peaceful coexistence, while providing a positive extracurricular outlet and leadership opportunities for youth from disadvantaged communities.

PPI is grateful to the Covello Foundation for their support, and looks forward to providing updates on the progress of our young female leaders throughout the year!

rlogan0920PeacePlayers International & The Covello Foundation Partner to Support South African Girls

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