PeacePlayers -Northern Ireland Fellow Andrew Daniels’ First Super Twinning!

This week’s blog is brought to you by PeacePlayers-NI International Fellow, Andrew Daniels.

On January 12th I got to experience my very first Super Twinning with the P6 and P7 classes from Belvoir Park and Holy Rosary primary schools. I had the pleasure of working with the P6 class throughout the fall semester, however I hadn’t met the P7 students yet so I was very much looking forward to the event! Needless to be said, it was an amazing day full of basketball, games and fun! 

The participants were split into 8 different teams, with each team consisting of students from each school. In addition to the basketball activities, we also had team-building and community relation’s stations. It was an incredible experience to watch these boys and girls work together throughout the various activities we had planned for them. I got to see the kids really improve their basketball skills while also learning how to be a great teammates. 



3 Islands activity

Watching the Belvoir Park and Holy Rosary classes work together during our 3 islands team-building challenge was definitely one of my major highlights of the day. The 3 islands challenge had each team split into 3 islands, and they had to work together to get all their teammates onto one island. However, each island had a different restriction. One-third of the kids couldn’t talk, another third couldn’t see, and the last third couldn’t move. Going into the day I was nervous it would be too difficult for the kids, but every team was able to overcome the difficulties and work together to complete the challenge. It was awesome!



Cooperation Captains!

Each Super Twinning has an important theme, and our theme this year is Cooperation. As coaches and staff we emphasised the importance of cooperating with one another. At the end of the day the coaches chose a player on each team that showed tremendous leadership and cooperation throughout the day to be a Cooperation Captain! Not surprisingly, it was difficult to choose these Cooperation Captains because the boys and girls from Belvoir Park and Holy Rosary were exceptional teammates to one another!



Kaitlin and Talaa receiving awards for their enthusiasm!

My last highlight that I want to speak about was a very special bond two girls had on the day. Although everyone demonstrated great cooperation with one another these two girls did something different on their own! Kaitlin from Belvoir Park and Talaa from Holy Rosary had come up with their very own cheer and dance to help encourage and motivate their team. When Kaitlin and Talaa weren’t on the court you could find them cheering on their team together with their unique song and dance! It was really cool to see these two work together to motivate their teammates without any guidance or influence from us. 

I can safely say that my very first Super Twinning was a success. Once again I’m faced with the realisation that it is #Itscooltobeapeaceplayer !

More photos!


Coach Nicole’s team showed the most cooperation throughout the day!




nornironPeacePlayers -Northern Ireland Fellow Andrew Daniels’ First Super Twinning!

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