PeacePlayers South Africa hosts 29th City Wide Tournament

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This past weekend PeacPlayers South Africa hosted its 29th City Wide Tournament. With the programming coming to an end for 2017, PeacePlayers South Africa ended the year off on a high note.The tournament, as always, was hosted at Hoy Park Sports Complex with over 500 Primary school & Leadership development programme participants.

The sunny warm day started off with a welcome from PeacePlayers South Africa’s new Executive Director, Nasiphi Khafu. Most school representatives and parents were present, which made the day even more special. Before the games started, Mr Herba Herba himself, Mtu Zulu (HR and Finance Manager) led all the volunteers, coaches and children in a dynamic warm up that got everybody in high spirits and ready for the day ahead.

Going into the games, it was unclear who would walk away as the champions. However, it was evident that the reigning champions (Cwebezela Primary School and UMlazi West LDP Team) were ready to defend their titles.While the games were underway,Grow Khula coordinated the entertainment for the day including bringing along a special guest, South African Rapper and Actor Mxolisi “Zuluboy” Majozi. The participants were in absolute awe of the South African celebrity and his “coolness”. Zuluboy spent time with some of the participants and even rapped with some of the participants.

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Your MC’s for the day!

By the end of the day, with the sun still blazing, the semifinals & finals were an absolute treat. One of the PSP girls semi-finals ended in heartbreak for Addington Primary School as they were defeated by LIV Village. LIV Village with be making their second consecutive appearance in the finals. In the girls PSP finals we saw a repeat of last years finals which was between Cwebezela Primary School and LIV Village. Once again, Cwebezela Primary School came out on top and took the championship. Addington Primary School took the PSP boys championship and dethroned Cwebezela Primary School. On the LDP side, UMlazi West LDP Team showed why they were the reigning champions once again. It was not easy, as they were defeated by the Innercity LDP boys team in the pool games.

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29th CWT was a huge success!!

The day ended off on a very special prize giving ceremony. Zuluboy performed and even got some of the participants to come to the front and rap to. The following special prizes were also awarded:

  • Rookie of the year: Enicia Tshibanda
  • Coach of the year:Thobani Ngubane
  • Area Coordinator of the year: Sifiso Mthembu
  • School Rep of the year: Mrs Webster:Assegai Primary School
  • Principal of the year:Mr Moodley:Addington Primary School
  • School of the year:Carrington Primary School

In closing, the tournament was a huge success. As the 2017 programming comes to an end, PeacePlayers South Africa would like to say thank you to all funders, stakeholders and partners for a successful year of positively impacting the communities and youth of Durban.

With PeacePlayers South Africa beginning a new era under new leadership, 2018 will definitely be one for the books.

PeacePlayers South AfricaPeacePlayers South Africa hosts 29th City Wide Tournament

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