PeacePlayers U.S. Context Analysis Report

Last year we launched programs in the U.S. in partnership with Nike to promote equality, with a focus on changing perceptions and building youth leaders through sport.

To better understand the issues and trends that impact the communities where we work in the United States, our PeacePlayers’ monitoring and evaluation team spent the last several months compiling a context analysis.

This new U.S. context analysis report presents findings from the study, including:
1) Major drivers of division and conflict;
2) Factors that promote cohesion; and
3) Key community stakeholders.

It also provides programmatic recommendations, including entry points and area(s) of best fit.

PeacePlayers currently operates U.S. programming in Baltimore, Detroit and Brooklyn, with planned expansion to Chicago  and Los Angeles this summer of 2018.

We encourage you to read the entire report here:

PeacePlayers US Context Analysis Report June 2018

MandyPeacePlayers U.S. Context Analysis Report