PeacePlayers Unites Virtually for IDSDP

Each year, April 6th is recognized as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP). Established by the United Nations, this holiday signifies the unique role that sport plays in our communities. The day serves to recognize those organizations and individuals who are using sport to improve our communities and advance “human rights, and social and economic development.”

 This year, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the annual milestone focused on the health benefits of participating in sports and physical activity, especially at home during a time of social isolation. All over the world, organizations and individuals have been adapting their engagement to this unprecedented time, and PeacePlayers has been no different.

 We have been hard at work developing ways to utilize technology to continue to foster connections, and to help our PeacePlayers youth leaders to stay active and supported during this difficult time.  Our global work has evolved to meet the immediate needs of our communities,  but our commitment to a global youth peace movement remains strong. While our coaches have been connected to their youth leaders from their local sites over these last few weeks, on April 6th we came together as a global team to activate across social media on this international day of sport and peace.

PeacePlayers’ youth, alumni, staff, and supporters took to social media to show their support and get active. By snapping a picture or video with their left hand towards the camera, the PeacePlayers family embraced the idea that although we cannot physically be together at this time, we are a united movement who are going through this situation together. They all came together in a virtual “hands-in” team huddle to recognize the important work that PeacePlayers and others are doing around the world every day, using sport to keep our community active, inspired, and connected. 

With each post, story, retweet, and share, the virtual “hands-in” grew.  As one of our guest trainers said on Instagram Live yesterday:  

“Everyone, put your left hand in, today, this is the symbol of unity in the community.” 

We want to say thank you to all of you who shared your own photo or video.  Also, keep them coming – just because the official holiday is over doesn’t mean we can’t continue to share inspiring and uplifting photos and videos of support for each other.  Tag @peaceplayersintl on Facebook and Instagram or @peaceplayers on Twitter with #LeftHandIn or #PeaceStartsWithUs and stay tuned to our website and social media channels for more virtual connections and content coming soon!

Max MancherPeacePlayers Unites Virtually for IDSDP

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