PPI and USAID launch Two New Programs

PeacePlayers:  bringing kids together through joint basketball and leadership activities!

PeacePlayers International – Middle East is committed to providing important, exciting opportunities for participants. Thanks to our continued partnership with USAID, this year we are implementing two new projects, Sports Diplomats for Peace and Youth Entrepreneurship Programs.  We will also continue our regular programming with Joint Activities (Twinnings), All Star Teams (mixed league teams), and Peace Education (conflict transformation programming).

PeacePlayers will continue to empower participants through the Youth Entrepreneurship Program.  Six graduates from the Leadership Development and Conflict for Reconciliation programs will work in mixed Palestinian-Israeli pairs to build their own peacebuilding initiatives.  There will be two components over the span of two years.  In the first year the participants will attend lectures offering them hands-on training and a deeper understanding of project management and public advocacy.  By the end of the first year, the mixed pairs will have completed a project concept and budget.  In the second year, the pairs will receive a budget to actuate their projects with the help of PPI staff and mentors.  It will be a great experience for the youth to build a project from the ground up! This project is being generously sponsored by LinkedIn for Good as co-funders with a larger USAID project.

Jamie Walsh (far right) was a fellow and is now managing the two new projects

Project Manager Jamie Walsh, who previously was a fellow for PPI-ME,  is “excited to see what the participants in the Youth Entrepreneurship program come up with for their projects.”  She is interested to see PeacePlayer participants incorporate the skills they’ve learned through PPI into the new programming.

PPI participants are learning new skills at a basketball clinic.

With our new programming, Sports Diplomats for Peace, PeacePlayers is planning on engaging well-known American athletes, coaches, and conflict mitigation specialists to help lead activities for both PPI participants and unaffiliated youth from Israel and the West Bank.  These activities will include retreats, camps, and conflict resolution sessions.  Walsh is looking forward to “reaching out to non-PPI participants and showing them what we are all about.”  We are excited to continue engaging with the larger community in the PeacePlayer way thanks to the support of USAID and LinkedIn For Good!

hebaelhendi1PPI and USAID launch Two New Programs

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