PPI-CY Promotes Peace and Wellness

This week’s blog was written by Giorgios Andriotis, a Program Coordinator here in Cyprus. Giorgios is working on a project in conjunction with the Cyprus Turkish Diabetes Association and European Union to educate our PeacePlayers and their local communities on healthy living.

PeacePlayers International-Cyprus, at the beginning of 2016, launched a series of informative healthy nutrition seminars across the divide in the context of their EU funded project called “Promoting Peace and Wellness in Cyprus”. Since mid-January our team has organized 10 seminars in the northern and southern parts of Cyprus, which focused on child obesity and the importance of breakfast as well as incorporating ideas for carefully replacing the habits of eating fast food with slow food production and consumption.

The seminars, which are presented by experienced Clinical Dieticians Elena Troullidou and Emine Ulucay, have been hosted with the assistance of the local authorities and in some cases, the local Universities. This helped in increasing awareness in our efforts for convincing the parents of our athletes and the wider public in general to adopt healthier habits in preparing meals for their children. The seminars also attracted Dietology students from the Eastern Mediterranean University and the European University of Cyprus who were very keen on witnessing healthy nutrition tips and ideas for the youth, and also increased interest in what PeacePlayers do.

The seminars will be running until the end of May and the Cyprus team is very excited to create a positive impact on the locations where the seminars are held. The events have also attracted interest from the local media who were keen on hosting us on their radio and television programs in the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish – Cypriot communities. The project is funded by the European Union under its Cyprus Civil Society in Action IV program.

jwalton2015PPI-CY Promotes Peace and Wellness

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