PPI-Cyprus Has Big Plans for 2016!

This week’s blog was written by Cyprus Fellow Sean Wright about the first week back in the office, and the activities on the horizon at PPI-CY!

PPI-SA and PPI-CY participants at this summers Leadership Camp!

We’re back in the office it feels great! The team is working hard to make this year the best one yet here at PPI-CY! We’ve had some very productive meetings so far, and are in the process of developing some awesome opportunities for our kids here in Cyprus.

The LDP is counting the days until the PPI-ME Camp!

One of those opportunities is the development of a “juniors” weekend camp. The camp will enable some of our younger participants to experience  and learn from our Leadership Development Program (LDP)  This is something that will help continue to break barriers between Greek -Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot Youth and provide an awesome opportunity for our participants to spend time together.This camp is still in the early works of development, but the concept behind it is what is driving us to make it an incredible experience.

The goal of the camp is to give our younger participants the opportunity to spend time learning from and listening to our LDP participants. These “juniors” will be able to get a glimpse of how hard the LDP members work and that it is more than just basketball that has helped them come together as such a tight knit group! The weekend will not only allow for growth of young PPI-CY participants, but empowerment for members of the LDP, the  next generation of leaders here in Cyprus!

Earlier this summer, we hosted participants from all four PeacePlayers sites as well as Nesodden Basketball Club  at our Annual Leadership Camp as the first of four cultural exchanges through the Erasmus+ program, Lead4Peace. This October, twelve LDP participants and three leaders will get the opportunity to travel to PeacePlayers-Middle East for a five day leadership development camp as the second leg of the program.

It is sure to be an exciting year here at PeaecePlayers-Cyprus! To top off the start of an awesome first week back in the office, we had the pleasure of celebrating one of our team members birthday! Sureyya was gracious enough to bring in some chocolate cake for us, which was extremely delicious. Happy Birthday Sureyya!

Happy Birthday Sureyya!!!

seanwright33PPI-Cyprus Has Big Plans for 2016!

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