PPI-NI U12s Win On and Off the Court

Today’s blog is written by PPI-NI fellow, Ryan McGarry about the upcoming U12 boys basketball season.

Last year’s PPI-NI U12 boys basketball team

One of the newer aspects of PPI-NI in the last couple of years is the development and creation of an U12 boys basketball team, which competes with other teams around the country in the Basketball Northern Ireland framework.

The U12 boys basketball team was formed last year to provide a purely basketball-oriented aspect for PPI-NI participants. Although some players have moved up to play in our in-house recreational league, there is still great team potential and it is my honor to help coach, manage and develop the members of PPI U12s.

While I have some previous experience coaching a local competitive youth football club, there is much more behind the scenes work involved with a new team and creating one that aligns with the PPI philosophy and core tenants. That aside, I’m really excited to work with some old faces and some one ones on the team.

I have watched most of the boys play at one point or another and I really believe that these boys have massive potential. They show great skill at this age, which is even more impressive since our sessions include a vast amount of time without a basketball in-hand. Now our players are going toe-to-toe with others their own age who attend weekly or bi-weekly basketball-only sessions. If we all put our best effort in, I have no doubt that we will enjoy many successes this season.

I’m still in the process of recruiting, but I feel like we have solid players to rely on this season. The boys have made leaps and bounds from last season and they get great enjoyment out of the sport, so I’m not worried about lack of numbers. If we can achieve a consistent turn out every week, the combination of resources available to the team and with their own work rate and talents will lead to a successful season on and off the court.

Basketball aside, the boys are an great group of young people, and no matter how well we do on the court, I know the season will be an enjoyable one.

The U12 boys basketball team celebrates a successful first season!


nornironPPI-NI U12s Win On and Off the Court

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