PPI-NI’s Champs4Peace Are More Than Basketball

Our Champions4Peace are known for their passion for basketball and initiating positive social change within their communities. These young leaders are involved  in several aspects of PPI-NI’s programs taking on roles as participants, coaches, fundraisers, event planners. etc. While PeacePlayers is a strong part of their identity, here are some other cool things about some of our C4P leaders that make them an invaluable part of our community.

Maud pictured above at a horseriding race in Saudi Arabia; below presenting a parting gift to former PPI-NI Fellow, Nasiphi Khafu

Meet Maud, Maud is a natural leader and known for her wittiness and her recruitment ability. Last term, Maud singlehandedly recruited 10 girls from her school to join PPI-NI’s Belfast Interface League. Maud is also a competitive horse rider. Maud is pictured above competing in a race in Saudi Arabia!

Liam pictured above coaching his Junior team at PPI-NI’s 2015 Jingle Ball tournament and below with this school’s water polo team.

Liam, a 3-year member of the C4P program plays the guitar in a punk rock band and is a member of his school’s water polo team. In addition, this summer, Liam is off to Zambia for a mission trip with his class.


Naoimh is new to Championss4Peace and she has offered to lead an Irish dance session with the group next month which we are very excited about! Recently, Naoimh ws selected to compete in the World Championship for Irish Dancing Dance 2016 (how cool is that?!)

James addressing some of his peers.

James Proctor – James joined Champions4Peace two years ago to continue to strengthen his leadership skills. Prior to joining C4P, James was one of 200 students selected to participate in the Knowledge Through Enterprise for Youth (KEY) program. The KEY initiative invites young people living in marginalized communities from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to develop enterprise and entrepreneurial skills and enhance their understanding of other traditions. James was also one of 12 young people from Northern Ireland selected to travel to Canada to join 200 young business leaders at the Next Generation Leaders Forum.
The scheme invited young people from marginalized communities on both sides of the border to develop enterprise and entrepreneurial skills and to enhance their understanding of other traditions. Participants are drawn from almost 80 schools in Northern Ireland and the Republic’s border counties.

AJ starring as the Scare Crow in The Wizard of Oz.

Meet AJ, a four-sport-athlete. AJ plays netball, rugby, hockey, and basketball. She also enjoys acting and staying active. She has even acted in some plays for her school.

Below – Shauna with her West Belfast team at PPI-NI 2015 Jingle Ball

Shauna’s smile and energy can brighten even the dullest day in Belfast (no, seriously). Shauna also holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!
In a place where people are often defined by their religious sectarian affiliations and/or ethnicity, Champions4Peace participants constantly challenge the norm by daring to spark positive change in their communities through their involvement in PeacePlayers. Outside of PeacePlayers, these young people are empowered, intelligent, confident, and we are excited to continue to see them grow both within PPI and in their future endeavors as athletes, businessmen and women, but most importantly, as agents of change.

nornironPPI-NI’s Champs4Peace Are More Than Basketball

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