Where We Work

1 in 10 of the world’s children live in countries affected by armed conflicts.  We have a year-round presence on four continents – in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.  We also have our ‘Sports and Peace Innovation Network’ (SPIN) that brings our expertise to collaborate in additional global markets. We focus on uniting communities from opposite sides of religious, ethnic and cultural divides to develop mutual respect through the power of sport.

Program Locations SPIN Sites

U.S. Sites

In 2017, PeacePlayers launched a multi-year partnership with Nike to unite communities in the United States with a specific focus on strengthening relationships between youth and law enforcement.  We are currently operating year-round programs with Nike in the following cities: Baltimore, Maryland; Brooklyn, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan and Los Angeles, California.

International Sites

We also operate year-round local programs in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, Cyprus and South Africa.


Our Sports and Peace Innovation Network is a training and consulting resource for the global community to expand the impact of the power of sport. Since 2010, we have collaborated on more than 22 SPIN projects in countries across five continents!

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