PPI-SA: Changing the narrative on Gender Equality in South Africa


Today’s blog explores National Women’s Day, which takes place tomorrow in South Africa and how PPI-SA is helping to create an equal playing field in the world of gender equality.

PPI-SA females account for 50% of participants, including the Leadership and Professional Development Programs!

National Women’s Day is an annual public holiday celebrated in South Africa which illustrates the country’s freedom from the Apartheid era’s “Pass Laws,” legislation that required all civilians to carry a “pass” that restricted travel into certain areas based on race, curtailing freedom of movement. Tomorrow,  20,000 women will the streets of Pretoria in celebration of their freedom and National Women’s Day.

Under the presidency of Nelson Mandela, women in South Africa made enormous strides, however many women today continue to bear the brunt of poverty, underdevelopment, unemployment, and gender and sexual violence. These pressing issues continue to pose a threat to South African women into the 21st century.

PPI-SA has recently introduced outcomes around building positive relationships and improving perceptions between genders

Amidst all of the obstacles that women face, PPI-SA has helped provide opportunities for thousands of young women through the game of basketball. Our Primary School Program develops skills and confidence in young girls that help them gain self esteem and believe in themselves from a young age. In both the Leadership Development Program (LDP) and  Professional Development Program (PDP) we have put together specific outcomes around positive relationships and improving perceptions between genders in Durban. From a staff perspective, PPI-SA is practicing what they preach, boasting a 50/50 gender balance at the office!

PPI-SA All Star Girls with their coaches.

The game of basketball allows us to teach and empower our young female participants with the mindset that they will someday be future leaders in their communities.Happy Women’s Day from PPI-SA!!

To find out more about how PPI-SA is using sport, leadership development, and life skills training to help create a more peaceful and equal society, contact our Strategy and Operations Manager, Nasiphi Khafu: nkhafu@peaceplayersintl.org




rvigorenPPI-SA: Changing the narrative on Gender Equality in South Africa

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