We have just finished first term of the year here in South Africa, and during the term we had 5 weeks of Programming, and were able to accomplish a lot in such a short amount of time, specifically within our data collection for the key areas we’ll be focused on this year. As some of you may know, we recently revamped our monitoring & evaluation strategy to enhance the level of insights we can bring to our coaches, staff, & program participants.

Coach Billtong & Yam imputing data

A key component we focused on during this time, was getting the coaches more involved in the capturing of this M&E data & sharing the importance of how this data will be used to help us measure the effectiveness of our current programs & the specific curriculum components & activities that are driving successful outcomes with our participants.

We have engaged with 250 Primary schools participants, 120 Leadership development participants and 19 Professional Development coaches. We have approximately 370 participants who have been a part of the PPI-SA program. During our Term 1 our coaches & staff managed to deliver the following:

Primary School Program Reach:

 116 practices incorporating both basketball and life skills training curriculum

 14 Local games

 2 extravaganzas for the Primary School Programs

Leadership Development School Program Reach:

 39 Basketball practice sessions

 10 local games

 1 extravaganza

During this term we worked very closely with Julie at the PPI offices in Washington, D.C. to tighten up our Monitoring & Evaluation Processes internally (thank you Julie!!) & taking a step back to refocus on the key activities and initiatives that would deliver our participants

Professional Development Programs:

In addition to getting our coaches more involved & engaged around data collection & tracking, we plan to place more emphasis on getting the coaches to understand the importance of Monitoring and Evaluation. We had 13 Professional Development trainings this term for our coaches & area coordinators. In 2016, we will be placing a larger emphasis on developing groups of young leaders, as they are key drivers of the program and their roles as mentors & role models for PPI SA participants is extremely important to the program.

We are excited for the second term to start next week, and look forward to a great term of programming.


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