PPI-SA talk Laureus YES 2016!

PeacePlayers International – South Africa Alumni Sanele Mthembu (SFM), one of the Laureus YES 2016 Experts at the camp that took place in Cape Town last week, interviews two PPI-SA coaches, Dineo Fihlela (DF) and Sphelele Dlamini (SD), who were proteges at the camp.

Sanele Mthembu in a selfie with other Laureu YES Experts Nasiphi Khafu, Katlego Malaka, Bongiwe Nhleko and Banyana Banyana Assistant coach Desiree Ellis










Sanele French Mthembu is a former PPI-SA coach from 2011-2014 who is currently studying towards obtaining a Masters Degree in development studies at the University of KwaZulu Natal. Sanele found that working with PPI-SA gave him an opportunity to focus his energy on positive things and helped him become a better person.

Dineo Fihlela is a young confident and dedicated coach from Lamontville who believes that working with PPI-SA is a platform to greater things if you are open to the journey.

Sphelele Dlamini is a young energetic and confident coach from Molweni, who started participating in PPI-SA in 2007 while still in primary school, later joining the LDP programme before becoming a coach.

Dineo coaching a participant on a site visit at GCU during Laureus YES Camp











SFM – Q. How does it feel being part of the Laureus YES programme what does it mean for you?

SD – A. Being a part of the Laureus YES programme means I am growing in my leadership roles and this shows others that it is possible. Being in the (YES) programme has taught me how to go out there and teach others how bad things like drugs are so; Laureus teaches us how to change people’s lives.
DF – A. It feels like a spiritual journey, it’s a process of self-discovery basically for me. I feel Laureus is giving us opportunities we didn’t even know were available, things like the Sports Administration course are things I didn’t think I needed before but now I can see I will need them in future.
SFM – Q. How will you be applying the skills and knowledge gained to uplift your community?
DF – A. With the assistance of other leaders I am planning to do a series of career guidance sessions starting with my community in Lamontville.
SD – A. I am planning on intensifying the drive (which we have already started as a team) to recruit more people into playing basketball and living a healthy life in my community.

Dineo Fihlela, Sphele Dlamini and Nasiphi Khafu



When the young leaders were asked if there is anything they would like for PPI-SA  and Laureusto know:

SD – I would like to thank both PPI-SA and Laureus because they have showed me something I was not sure about nor was I even thinking about it. I did not even think of having a career before coming here because there are many people I know who have degrees but they are not working so I felt demotivated also. But now this has changed for me and I feel more passionate and looking forward to my career in Marketing. I really don’t know how best to express how I feel but I am really grateful.
DF – To Laureus and PPI-SA, what I hear about these organizations is not even half of what they do and how they help. I would like to thank both Laureus and PPI-SA, you’ve opened many doors for me and you have also opened my eyes to many things. I have learnt that I can’t just sit and complain about something, I have the power to take the initiative. If something is not going right in my community I need to take the lead, I don’t need to wait for people who are managers and are in power. I can take the lead and make things done.
SFM – I would also like to take this opportunity to thank PPI-SA and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation for the opportunitiesI and many other young people have received. I have a better understanding of how to develop leaders, bridge divides and change perceptions to help our country become a better nation. Thank you, Ngiyabonga; Kwade lapho nithathe khona.

Laureus YES 2016

PeacePlayers South AfricaPPI-SA talk Laureus YES 2016!

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