Predicting Victory

Denny Hamlin wins photo-finish Daytona 500

Yesterday, Daytona Beach, FL hosted the Daytona 500 – NASCAR’s biggest race.  The day’s race turned out to be one for the history books, as the winner was decided by mere inches.  Denny Hamlin beat Martin Truex Jr. by ten-hundreds of a second (0.010), or just six inches, making it the closest finish ever at the Daytona 500. It was the kind of photo finish one usually only gets to see in the movies.

The race was historical for NASCAR, but was even more special for Hamlin, who now has his first Daytona 500 victory under his belt.  Hamlin called the race “the biggest race of my life” and will no doubt remember it forever.  The best part to come from his win however, might just be the fact that moments after his victory, his mom tweeted a picture of a handwritten letter from Hamlin’s days in elementary school which stated:

Hamlin’s winning prediction

“My wish is to win the Daytona 500. If I won the Daytona 500, I would like it to come true on Feb. 17, 1998. My car would be red, white, blue, and gold just like Bill Elliott’s. If I do win the Daytona 500, I could win 1,000,000 dollars … the reason for all of this is because I love racing”.

While he may have been a few years off of when he would actually win the race, and his car wasn’t painted just like Bill Elliott’s, Hamlin somehow knew that one day he would be able to call himself a Daytona 500 victor, and how awesome is that?  Hamlin’s prediction is proof that kids can have dreams that will turn into realities with hard work and dedication.


law122Predicting Victory

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