Remember the PeacePlayers

Today’s blog was written by D.C based intern Rebecca Vigoren

Remember the Titans was a life changing movie for many of us. As racial integration forced a town to accept African Americans in to their schools and their athletic programs. Denzel Washington made us all fall in love with a new band of brothers. By the end of the movie you were no doubt crying when Gerry called Julius his brother. These boys started out racially divided and through football became family.

For PeacePlayers this story line is not limited to Hollywood, Denzel Washington or America. This is the story of our participants around the globe every day. Whether it is in longtime divided Cyprus or the war-torn Middle East. From the Religious conflicts in Northern Ireland to the long-lasting effects of the South African Apartheid our

One of PPI’s “Denzel’s”

participants know just how vital a sport can be to bring peace.

PeacePlayers knows that sports can bridge divides. We believe that when youth learn to play together they can learn to live together. For many of our participants being a part of PeacePlayers was the first time they would meet someone from the “other side”. Just as Hollywood portrayed there is often much hesitancy to meeting “the other”, to playing with them and living with them. We have many “Denzel’s” creating families, bridging divides and encouraging peace through basketball all around the world. Who knows maybe Hollywood will be contacting us for their next inspirational sports movie, I’d watch it.

rvigorenRemember the PeacePlayers

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