School Spotlight: Sukuma Primary School in Umlazi

Today we take you down memory lane at PeacePlayers International-South Africa. On our Blog this week we’re profiling our long serving school Sukuma Primary Schools and Umlazi Township.

Last week we had an opportunity to interview and engage with two amazing people that have been the backbone  of the PeacePlayers International-South Africa program at Sukuma Primary School at Umlazi Township- Mrs N M Makhanya, school principal and Ms N J Bulose, school representative.

Below please find the interview we conducted with both of these individuals last week in Umlazi.

Ms. N J Bulose, our longstanding school rep from Sukuma Primary School in Umlazi

Q: What year/when did the program start at your school? If you were not here during that time, just share the date or year when you first remember your school working with PPI.

A: The program started mid-year 2002

Q:  What made your school choose PPI? And if you were not a part of this decision, why do you think your school chose or would want to choose to work with us/PPI SA?

A:  Menzi Zungu, who is our neighbor to Sukuma Primary, he came to introduce basketball to our school.  We also wanted to break the stereotype that Basketball was for white schools only.  We also saw an opportunity to bring in new sporting code to add to our normal soccer and netball.  Other schools that had the PPI-SA programme in their schools, e.g. Saphinda Primary had shared their experiences and recommended PPI-SA. 

Q: Give us the most memorable times/events with the PPI program?

A:  It was when we had a court launch. The court was donated by the Game Discount Retailer/Store with media coverage by Ilanga, the local newspaper. This was the most exciting moment for the community, the parents, the children and the Sukuma Primary School personnel/staff.

Most memorable moment – in 2003 Thibult Manekin from PPI SA at the ceremony for the court launch at Sukuma Primary School in Umlazi.

The next most memorable moment was when Melusi Nene, a participant, was selected to represent PPI-SA and Sukuma Primary School in an international trip. He was very short in height but the best participant at school.

Q: PPI Staff / Coaches – which members of our staff or coaches if any have stood out to you or have been memorable for/with your school?  If so, how/why?


  • Menzi Zungu introduced the programme and coached at our school started coaching at our school. He was very dedicated, come on time, was trustworthy
  • Shabba, our late Shabba may his sole rest in peace, had energy, good with children, disciplined and fun to work with.
  • PPI has a skill of selecting and trained the coaches on discipline 

Q: What are the areas we can improve our program here at PPI-SA?  

A: PPI-SA program needs put more emphasis on the Life Skills component. Drugs and Alcohol abuse and HIV & AIDS education helped a lot of children in the program over the years.  An emphasis on Life Skills along with basketball has also proven beneficial for our students – as most pupils who participated in PPI-SA Basketball program are disciplined in school and more confident in class.

Coach Khulukane Ngcobo with his team at Sukuma Primary School last week.

Q: What makes your school unique?

A:  What makes us unique is that we’re hands on, work closely with the organization and coaches, attend games and meetings. We have been consistent in what we do.

Q: Give me 2 words you’d use to describe PPI-SA as you have experienced working our team & programs?

A:  Amazing Organization 

Q: Give me 1 word you think your kids/students participating in PPI’s programs would use to describe PPI SA, their experience, and what we do:

A:  Cool Organization, Fun/Enjoyable Sport 

In closing, the School and the community of Umlazi would like to thank PPI-SA for their efforts and hard work in securing funds/donations to keep the program running, sneakers that were donated to participants, the medals and trophies for all the events and all the great work done over the years.

PeacePlayers South AfricaSchool Spotlight: Sukuma Primary School in Umlazi

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